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Gentle Dentistry

Gentle dentistry attempts to help those with legitimate dental phobia or fear of the dentist. The goal of gentle dentistry is to give those who require extra attention and care in order to get through the dental anxiety. Here are some remedies a gentle dentist should do during your visit: relax you as they maintain the health of your teeth, increase your confidence with a beautiful smile, and more importantly eliminate pain & discomfort.

Characteristics of Gentle Dentistry:

  • The Ability to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere – A good gentle dentist should never make patients feel rushed or uncomfortable. The entire staff is pleasant and accommodating – this should include taking the time to answer questions, taking the time to explain procedures to you, and making sure that you feel you are getting the attention and care to detail you deserve.
  • The Ability to Educate Patients – A great dentist aims to teach his or her patients correct dental care as well as the details of recommended treatments suggested. He or she also encourages patients to adopt good preventative care habits. There’s nothing worse than having a procedure done and not understanding the particulars of what is going to be done. A gentle dentist will sit down and explain to you everything that will take place and why there is no need to worry.
  • Possession of Extensive Scientific Knowledge – More so than just his or her extensive knowledge, a gentle dentist will always want to expand upon the current knowledge that he or she has in order to find effective ways to make his procedures more comfortable and more affordable for his or her patients.
  • Gentle Touch – A gentle dentist knows that the human mouth is very sensitive and performs all treatments with a gentle touch. Gentile dentistry should make the effort to reduce pain and discomfort. He or she will always take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable and at ease.
  • The Willingness to Involve Patients in Making Decisions – A dentist should allow patients access to their records and explain all treatment options. He or she knows that patients need to feel in control of their treatment.

With medications that help you to relax and stay free of any pain and discomfort, of course. Not only that, but you can also relax to video and sound entertainment while you wait. Gentle dentists in NYC are the perfect tools you need to relax next time you’re in the dental office.

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