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COVID-19 Statement

Updated: June 12th 2020

Dear Patients and Friends of 212 Smiling,

We hope that everyone is safe, healthy, and in high spirits while we all deal with these difficult circumstances. We at 212 Smiling look forward to being able to see you all again and we’re grateful to everyone who’s reached out to offer kind words of encouragement. We do not currently know when we will be able to return to regular patient care, but we are taking all the necessary steps that will allow us to reopen as soon as possible. We will not resume service until we have every confidence that we have created the safest environment for all of our patients.

We have always prided ourselves on offering our patients the highest standard of dental care. In light of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are emphasizing an equal commitment to ensuring the health and safety of every patient and member of our staff. While there may be other practices in a hurry to reopen and get back to business as usual, there is a great deal of contradictory information regarding what makes a practice safe. We take our patients’ health very seriously and are working hard to identify and implement proven measures to run our office in a safe and responsible manner.

It’s important to us that you are aware of the new policies and protocols we have instituted in the name of safety. We have always had strict practices in place to prevent infection, but during the time we have been closed, we have been working hard to go above and beyond the directives issued by the State of New York, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We are staying abreast of all new actions by these organizations to make sure that we are fully compliant with all recommendations and guidelines.

As well as the practices established by these government agencies, we are focused on exceeding the minimum guidelines to revamp our practice’s treatment environment. We have thoroughly investigated innovative technologies and methods to protect everyone in our office – both patients and staff. Our goal at 212 Smiling has always been to offer the very best care, and we do not mean to compromise on this principle during this challenging time.

You will notice several changes in the office that are all focused to increase everyone’s personal safety:

  1. Patient safety starts with Staff and Doctor safety and to that end, all doctors and staff will be tested prior to returning to work. Additionally, we will be tested at the beginning of each day, including regular temperature checks.
  2. Our Staff and Doctors will wear the appropriate PPE at all times while in our office. Additional gowns, head, and shoe coverings will also be implemented.
  3. To minimize your time in the office, our staff will communicate with your days in advance to conduct general health screening and correct those answers.
  4. These same questions will also be asked of you at your appointment time.
  5. We will ask you to remotely update all insurance profiles, medical histories, and other required paperwork online before your actual appointment, again to minimize interactions while in the office. (We are working towards developing this system prior to reopening).
  6. We will ask you to please bring a mask to your appointment. If you do not have one, please let us know in advance.
  7. To protect you and your fellow patients we will kindly request that all patients come unaccompanied to their appointments unless there is an expressed need for an aide or other companion that has been approved in advance.
  8. In order to maintain safe social distance practices, we ask that you {text/call} us from the building lobby to let us know when you have arrived. We will notify you when we are ready for you to come up to the office. We will complete the screening questions again, take your temperature with a temporal thermometer, and address any business with the front office.
  9. We have hand sanitizer throughout the office for you to use. We will ask you to use it when you enter the office. You are free to use it at other areas in the office as needed.
  10. We will make every effort to bring you directly into the treatment room, avoiding any time spent in the waiting area.
  11. If you are bringing your own items such as books, magazines, headphones, etc. we may ask you to wipe them down with provided solution wipes.
  12. Treatment team members will be wearing extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) as per CDC mandated guidelines.
  13. Patients also may be required to wear protective gear as needed for an appointment.
  14. There will be an ongoing “personal protective fee” per appointment to help keep us all adequately protected per mandated guidelines.
  15. We will be designing patient flow to allow for physical distancing between patients. This will result in fewer appointment times available per day. Please be patient and understanding with appointment scheduling.
  16. After your treatment is complete, we will ask you to stay seated in the treatment room. We will likely complete your payment if required, and appointment scheduling in the treatment room and help direct you out of the office to help maintain social distancing.

Change is always challenging, but our main concern is your health and safety. We will continue to approach your care with sensitivity, empathy, and integrity. As we navigate this “new normal” together, our ability to accommodate your needs while maintaining a safe environment will continue to be our foremost priority.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Our staff will be reaching out to help you resume your dental care.

Warmest Regards and best wishes for a quick return!

Dr. Yung Kim
212 Smiling

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