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Teeth in an Hour

New Teeth in an Hour!

Do you need new teeth but do not want to wait months to get them? If you wear dentures, have missing teeth, or teeth that cannot be saved, our office is now offering a revolutionary, cutting-edge solution to the long waits and painful side effects of traditional teeth replacement.  Teeth in an hour ™ will give you complete dental implants or teeth replacements in about an hour.  Typically those in need of teeth replacement would have multiple, often painful surgeries over many months to get what can now be done in a fraction of that time.

How Does Teeth-in-an-Hour Work?

Before you even come into the office for your Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure, your doctor will create detailed surgical guides using CT scans and high-tech computer imaging technology. This meticulous planning allows doctors to fit implants and crowns with incredible precision. Using the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure, patients don’t have to wait for bone in the jaw to heal around the implant site before placing the crowns (visible teeth replacements). Instead, the implants fit snugly into the sites created for them, and you can use your new teeth immediately.

Finally, because there are no sutures required during the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure, patients experience less pain than with traditional dental implant surgeries. Implants are placed with the help of local anesthesia only – similar to any other dentist visit!

Why Teeth in an Hour Doesn’t Have to Be a Frightening Thing

Most dental implant procedures are lengthy processes, that come with a certain degree of pain and extended recovery time. It’s understandable to be afraid of getting dental implants, but with the Teeth in an Hour procedure, everything is minimized – even the pain!

Teeth in an Hour Is a Precise, Almost Painless Procedure

Just because it’s quick doesn’t mean the Teeth in an Hour procedure is aggressive. The Teeth in an Hour procedure is possible through highly detailed, a computerized map of your mouth and teeth structure. The actual implant procedure may happen in just one day, but the preparation your doctors undergo beforehand takes much more time.

Healing Times Are Minimized with Teeth in an Hour

More accuracy means less pain, and it also means less healing time. Many patients are concerned about how long recovery times are, and when they’ll be able to eat normally once again. With the highly accurate, minimally invasive Teeth in a Hour procedure, healing times are reduced significantly. You’ll even be able to eat the same day!

In the end, your Teeth in a Hour dental implant procedure will be incredibly easy, and your dentist will available and happy to answer any questions you may have on the day of the procedure. There’s no reason to worry about getting dental implants when you choose to use our Teeth in a Hour procedure; it’s quick, relatively pain-free, and heals in half the time of normal dental implants.

Benefits of Teeth in an Hour:

  • With teeth in an Hour, you can eat your favorite foods! Have you forgotten what it’s like to take a bite from a tasty apple or a big steak? Dentures can put a limit to the types of foods that you can eat on a regular basis. With teeth in an hour, you can enjoy all the foods you normally would without having to worry about teeth or dentures falling out or disrupting your life.
  • Teeth in an Hour are more affordable than ever! Once just available for the rich and famous, teeth in an hour are now something that is open and available for anyone. Now the movie star style you’ll be looking for is available for all to take advantage of.
  • Self-Confidence…Remember that? New teeth in a hour can be a major confidence booster for anyone who’s been a little shy to show off their pearly whites in recent years.
  • No Bone-Grafting Required! Typical dental implant treatments require additional surgeries to add bone to a patient’s jaw to ensure enough bone is available to hold the dental implants. With teeth in an hour, bone-grafting is not required, so expect a more relaxing procedure!

That Sounds Great – Now What About Teeth-in-an-Hour Costs?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Teeth-in-an-Hour cost will vary depending on the range of reconstruction needed, and the complications involved with the individual case. The more implants needed, the more the cost. Each Teeth-in-an-Hour implant tends to cost between $2000-3000, making a single tooth or a full mouth reconstruction a potentially daunting financial investment.

That said, for patients that must live with dentures, it can be an attractive alternative. Dentures can be unreliable, ill-fitting, and detrimental to speech or other everyday activities. Other replacement teeth options like bridges or traditional dental implants are lengthy, invasive, and painful procedures. Teeth-in-an-Hour’s cost is reflective of its sophisticated technology and beautiful, pain-free results, and is well worth considering if you’re looking for a smile upgrade.

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