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Here are some patient reviews by some of the great people we have treated over the past years. Please feel free to sort through them on the left and see for yourself our dedication to service, treatments, and our patients. 

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      5.0 Google

      Review from Thai C

      Source: Google | Aug 12, 2021

      Our family has gone to 212 Smiling Cosmetic Dentistry. We really love this place and Cindy was very kind and helpful. Dr. Kim is very professional, and the technology is top notch.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Dorothy B

      Source: Google | Aug 5, 2021

      Dr. Kim and his friendly and professional staff are the best. Leave all your dental anxieties behind and visit 212 Smiling. You'll be glad you did.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Raiza M

      Source: Google | Jul 30, 2021

      Very friendly staff.. The doctor is amazing, he will explain you everything and make sure you feel comfortable with whatever treatment you are doing. I would recommend it 100%
      5.0 Google

      Review from Rose Z

      Source: Google | Jul 29, 2021

      I was originally terrified of the dentist (after some traumatic previous experiences) but the kind and patient staff at 212 Smiling made me feel so comfortable. I’ve been back many times and they not only take good care of my teeth but are always so friendly. Now I really look forward to going to the dentist (didn’t know that was possible). Please check them out!
      5.0 Google

      Review from FG

      Source: Google | Jul 16, 2021

      Amazing place and amazing people. No wait got what I wanted within days
      5.0 Google

      Review from Cesar F

      Source: Google | Jul 14, 2021

      Excellent service.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Tyrana J

      Source: Google | Jul 8, 2021

      My experience at smiling cosmetic dentistry was excellent. best service ever. no long wait. I came in with a problem and they quickly fix it. i grade them with a 10+
      5.0 Google

      Review from Fred T

      Source: Google | Jun 24, 2021

      Always a friendly office and my teeth are kept healthy and clean.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Susan C

      Source: Google | Jun 11, 2021

      Best. Dentist. Ever. 🦷
      5.0 Google

      Review from Cinthia C

      Source: Google | Jun 9, 2021

      Professional, knowledgeable, and detailed about their work. Highly recommended
      5.0 Google

      Review from Eric S

      Source: Google | Jun 9, 2021

      Whole staff is kind and patient and gentle with me the scaredy-cat. Just do it get it done they are the least painful.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Margarita O

      Source: Google | May 27, 2021

      Best dentist in NYC.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Eric R

      Source: Google | May 26, 2021

      Dr. Kim is a terrific dentist! He is thoughtful, accurate, and knowledgeable. The fact that he is certified in several disciplines means that he can take care of most situations in one sitting without referring you to a specialist. I have also found his business practices to be fair, e.g. he doesn't charge you first for a consultation, and then again to come and get the procedure done at a later date. Cindy, who runs the office, is extremely accommodating and efficient. I am glad I found Dr. Kim as my dentist!
      5.0 Google

      Review from James C

      Source: Google | May 26, 2021

      Friendly. Kind. Flexible. Works with you. I always look forward to going even though it’s a dentist office and I’m a baby about it! Thank you for excellent service.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Bukanla W

      Source: Google | May 17, 2021

      I simply LOVE Dr. Kim and his staff. From the moment you walk in the door they make you feel so comfortable. I don't have dental insurance that 212 Smiling accepts, but I've been so pleased here that I save my money to be treated by Dr. Kim.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Dré D

      Source: Google | May 15, 2021

      Very clean and modern dental facility, great professional staff; very hospitable environment, dental work is always performed with the upmost integrity and decency. I recommend this Dentist for everyone!!!😁😁😁😁😁
      5.0 Google

      Review from Luanna M

      Source: Google | May 3, 2021

      Love my dentist and his team. My entire family goes here and we are always satisfied. Giselle and Cindy are always kind and accommodating. Highly recommend him.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Katarina J

      Source: Google | May 3, 2021

      I’m deeply impressed with Dr. Kim’s dedication and perfectionism. Thank You for making me feel so comfortable and for.being able to easily resolve my issue. Kind regards to the rest of the staff.
      5.0 Google

      Review from Jayne R

      Source: Google | Apr 22, 2021

      I went to Dr. Kim today. He’s wonderful. He absolutely knows what he’s doing. I just wish I went to him sooner. We have a treatment plan, and I can’t wait to get started. He listens and has answers. I highly recommend Dr. Kim. Plus, everyone who works in the office is really sweet and accommodating.
      5.0 Google

      Review from SlowForU

      Source: Google | Apr 18, 2021

      fast, easy, clean and friendly

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