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Same Day Dental Implants

Our office offers Teeth-in-an-Hour™, or same day dental implants, a cutting-edge solution to the lengthy healing time and and painful side effects of normal teeth replacement procedures. With computer assistance and precise calculations, we can send you home with a complete set of dental implants in about an hour. Plus, you may even be able to eat with your new teeth that very same day!

Normal dental implant procedures require multiple surgeries over many months, and can result in a great deal of pain as sutures heal. Now, we can accomplish the same procedure in a fraction of that time. And with Teeth-in-an-Hour™, the procedure for same day dental implants, is so precise that sutures aren’t needed. This results in significantly shorter healing time.

Same Day Dental Implants Procedure

same day dental implants at 212 Smiling

Illustration of a Fixed partial denture bridge

  • Using radiographic three dimensional scans along with virtual reality software, we can create a completely accurate representation of your jaw.
  • A template is then constructed, allowing for extremely precise dental implant placement.
  • Teeth in an hour procedure can be utilized for single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, and complete tooth replacement.
  • These permanent acrylic bridges with titanium framework come with either acrylic or porcelain teeth. They can fit your top jaw, bottom jaw, or both.
  • Since your Teeth-in-an-hour implants are created ahead of time using your CT scan, all you need to do is come in and have your new teeth fitted.

Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Benefits

Takes only an hour

Teeth in an Hour implants are created ahead of time using a CT scan. All you need to do is come in and have your teeth fitted.

Perfectly Tailored

Our dentists will use detailed 3-D scans along with virtual reality software to create a precisely accurate representation of your jaw.

Incision Free Procedure

The Teeth in an Hour™ procedure for same day dental implants is so precise that sutures aren’t needed.

Minimal Discomfort

Upon completing the procedure, patient typically have no swelling or discomfort. Normal activities, including eating, are possible immediately.

Candidates for Teeth in an hour™ do need to have all extractions and bone grafting done prior to the procedure, and must have sufficient bone quantity and quality to support the prosthesis.

Call today to speak to one of our dental specialists about Teeth-in-an-hour™ ; the exciting and high tech new solution for teeth replacement that computer guided dental implant surgery offers!

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