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Sedation Dentistry

Experience Pain-FREE Dentistry With Sedation Dentistry

Dread Going To The Dentist?
If You’ve Ever Wished You Could Just Sleep Through Your Dental Visit, Then This May Be The Most Important Call You’ll Ever Make

Sedation Dentistry Allows You to Sleep Through Your Dental Appointment

With sedation dentistry you can have your dentistry performed while you snooze away. Unlike general anesthesia with its risks and aftereffects, medications used for dental sedation leave you no memory of your dental treatment. These dental sedatives are available, and customized to your health, treatment and level of fear.

Treatments from simple cleanings to full mouth restorations can be completed while you sleep, almost always within one session.  You can wake to a beautiful new smile, like a wish fulfilled! You will be rested, have no memory of your dental treatment, and have a gorgeous new smile.

If you’ve ever wished you could just sleep through your next dentist appointment, then you’ve just realized a dream come true. That’s right, we have made pain-free dentistry into a science. After all, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when coming to see us.

Sleep through your dental treatment & wake up with a smile

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