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3D Dental Imaging

What is 3D Dental Imaging?

3D Dental Imaging CBCT3D dental imaging is a full head and neck computerized tomography (CT) scan to help the dentist get a much more clear and detailed view of the physiology and teeth structure.  At our practice, we use the latest in Cone Beam 3D dental imaging technology helps diagnose our patients by taking a 3-dimensional x-ray of a patient’s head and neck.


What is Cone Beam CT (CBCT)?

Our dentists at 212-Smiling use a special type of imaging machine called a Cone Beam CT (or CBCT), which provides a 3D glimpse into the different parts of our patients’ necks and heads and offers much more information than a traditional 2-dimensional x-ray. Unlike regular x-rays, our CT scan can see the differences between many types of tissues including bone, teeth, nerves and soft tissues. During 3D dental imaging, the CBCT scanner rotates around the patient’s head, obtaining up to nearly 600 distinct images, then pieces them together to view them as one continuous image.


What is a Cone Beam CT Used For?

CBCT is useful in a variety of diagnostic situations, including but not limited to oral surgeries, implant planning, TMJ analyses, airway studies related to sleep apnea, impacted teeth, periodontal diseases, and endodontic anomalies. CT scans can also identify the size, extent, and effects of conditions such as infections, cysts, and tumors. The high-resolution 3D dental imaging allows practitioners to more accurately visualize internal anatomy, assess risk, and plan treatment and surgery. Before removing impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist may order a CBCT to accurately see the roots of the tooth, and ensure that removing the wisdom teeth will not impact the patient’s nerves. In the case of sleep apnea, the dental cone beam ct can be used to help determine whether a patient might have a restricted airway, which is one of the criteria used before sending a patient for a sleep study for a definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea. In the case of dental implants, our implant prosthodontist will take a CBCT to determine how much bone a patient has, whether their jaw can support dental implants, and which direction the implants should be placed in order to avoid any nerves.


212 Smiling 3D Dental Imaging and XraysDoes My Insurance Cover 3D Dental Imaging?

Since medical insurance often covers the costs of these Cone Beam CT scans, and it may also provide coverage for other oral treatments, you should not hesitate to have such screenings. If you would like to come to 212 Smiling for a CBCT to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, sinus augmentation or other treatments, contact our office today at (212) SMILING (212-764-5464) for an appointment.

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