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Dr. Kim is a great dentist who inspires trust. Generally speaking, I have been too busy to prioritize my oral hygiene. I’m getting towards middle age and realize my neglect will only exacerbated my issues. I have seen him 6 times for these issues including 2 root canals. I have about 3 more visits, one for a deep cleaning and 2 for crowns. He basically examined my teeth on my initial visit and put me on me on a recovery plan. Fortunately, I have insurance to make this possible. My teeth feel stronger, food doesn’t get stuck in gaps, and I can eat sweets again. I saw him regularly for 2 months and have another month to go. I’m confident that after this, as I am not crazy about going to the dentist, I will just have to go to my twice annual cleaning for the next decade plus. I’m glad I bit the bullet and agreed to my dentists recommended aggressive recovery plan. Dr Kim is on the younger side as dentists go, very precise in his actions, passionate about his craft and has great bedside manner. Highly recommend. Dr Kim bought the practice at this location a few months ago. Therefore, for an accurate rating, you should just read recent reviews only.

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