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I first went to Dr. Kim after a dental emergency. As a person in long term recovery, my teeth and gums had been terribly harmed from my using days. The tooth holding a temporary bridge fell apart and I was left with a huge gap in the front of my mouth. I could not go to work and was about to start a vacation. Within a matter of days, Dr. Kim replaced my bottom teeth with an over denture and had a partial bridge made for the top. I was sedated and walked out later that day with a full set of teeth! It took a few months to completely heal but it gave me back my smile and my life. It is over a year and a half later and this anxious patient now goes to the dentist without trepidation. I also need to mention that I was very sick when I first went to 212 Smiling and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. After my procedures, my symptoms began to lessen and I am now healthy and symptom free! Thank you Dr. Kim!

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