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Until recently, the only option available to people suffering complete tooth loss has been dentures or dental implants. Fortunately, dental health experts have reached the ultimate advancement in dental technology – teeth in an hour. Sound too good to be true? Think again. Teeth in an hour is actually becoming one of the most common (and most loved) procedures requested by patients today.

Nobel Biocare has created Teeth in an Hour NYC. The name is a dead giveaway as to how the process basically works, but what makes it so special is the state-of-the-art process this product utilizes.

This system is all computer facilitated. Most of the work is done in the planning stage, so the patient only requires dental surgery for one hour. Once complete, the patient goes from completely toothless to having a full mouth of functioning permanent teeth.
How Do They Make Teeth in an Hour NYC?

In reality, it’s not the teeth that are constructed in an hour but rather the time it takes to surgically place your new teeth.

  • The pre-surgery visit is when the process starts:
  • CT scan of jawbones
  • Engineered by Nobel
  • Length and width of bone is evaluated
  • Position of dental implant established
  • Information emailed to Nobel labs in Sweden

Since most of the work is done before a patient even sits in the chair, getting teeth in an hour in NYC is a significantly better procedure for the patient. It reduces healing time considerably and the patient is able to return to a normal life. Furthermore, implant rejection and/or complications are greatly decreased.