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Trying to decide what kind of dental implants to get can be a rather daunting task. Luckily, you don’t have to face these complex dental decisions without the knowledge you need.

Why same day dental implants are different than traditional implants:

In traditional implants:

–          An oral surgery will expose the jaw bone and drill a 6-7 mm hole to insert a 4 mm titanium post.

–          Waiting time of approximately 2-6 months until your bone grows around the post.

–          A second oral surgeon will expose the tip of each post and attach the crown.

–          If a bone graft is needed, then another surgery would be needed before inserting the titanium post adding another 4-8 months of healing time. This is very common as traditional implants can only be inserted vertically.

Same Day Dental Implant Methods:

–          With the help of some light pain medication such as ibuprofen and local anesthesia, the doctor will drill a 2.25 mm through the gum and jaw bone and insert a 4 mm titanium post that is very similar to a screw.

–          Once the post has been inserted, your doctor will place a temporary tooth on the post. This process typically takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

–           The inserted titanium post is very secure but for the first month, it is important to take care of the temporary tooth by not eating foods such as raw carrot, apples or anything extremely chewy.

–           This will allow the bone to fully attach to the post.

The differences between same day dental implants and traditional implants are extreme and there is no doubt that same day dental implants are the easier of the two procedures mentally, physically and financially.