Four Crucial Dental Aftercare Tips For After Dental Surgery Procedures

Dental-Aftercare-TipsEvery dentist in Manhattan knows the importance of dental aftercare. Even cosmetic dentists from NYC to LA will stress the importance of dental aftercare.This is because of the dramatic impact dental surgery procedures can have on a patient, his recovery and prevention of further issues. For any surgical or difficult invasive performance of surgery or dentistry, dental aftercare impacts heavily on the ability of the body to continue healing itself after the trauma of invasive medical and dental procedures.

Why Quality Care After Dental Surgery Procedures is Critical

Smooth recoveries are important to the dentists of Manhattan. Virtually all dentists of NYC already know that your results depend just as much on high quality dental after care as they do on high quality dental procedures performed by any dentists of NYC.

Cosmetic dentists of Manhattan areas are also concerned about providing the proper assistance to patients so that this critical aftercare is easily managed. To this end, the following advice is given to assist you in your dental aftercare process.

After Care Advice from Dentists of Manhattan and Dentists of NYC’s Outlying Areas:

We have surveyed the aftercare approaches supported by the most prominent local dentists of NYC. The following advice is across-the-board for any patient recovering from any invasive cosmetic or surgical dental procedure.

Step ONE: Control swelling first. Swelling causes pain through inflammation and can complicate every other healing result. Control swelling using ice applied to the face near the surgery site. Alternate icing for 15 minutes with ten minute breaks between. Continue for two or three hours until reduced.

Step TWO: Control bleeding. Do this using firmly gentle pressure on the surgery site directly, using your surgical gauze for at least two hours. Change the gauze frequently. Do not rinse the mouth or use a straw for 24 hours. If bleeding is persistent, you can place a moistened teabag over the site and apply gentle firm biting pressure to keep the bag in place. Do not smoke during this time.

Step THREE: Pain and comfort control. Take your prescribed medication. Avoid spices and big temperature swings in food. Eat soft foods for 24 hours, minimum.

Step FOUR: Hygiene. After 24 hours have passed, begin rinsing with salt water and/or peroxide four times a day for one or two weeks to prevent infection. Brush very lightly around the surgical site, increasing brushing vigorousness as comfort allows.

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