Invisalign and Crowded Teeth: Will I Need My Teeth Pulled?

If you have “a mouth full of teeth,” as many prospective orthodontic patients have, it may be difficult to see how your crowded teeth will have room to align correctly. Many patients with crowded teeth assume the only way to straighten their teeth is by pulling one or more teeth out completely to make room for the rest, but luckily, that’s not the case! Invisalign dentists in NYC will rarely pull teeth as part of their orthodontic work. Instead, they’ll use one or a combination of techniques to spread your teeth out:

Evening the Spread: Tools of the Trade

There are several ways NYC Invisalign dentists can make room for each and every one of your crowded teeth.

Palatal Expanders:

These devices help “spread” the roof or your mouth (also known as the palette) outwards, widening your dental arch to make room for crowded and mis-aligned teeth. These appliances are minimally visible to others, and your Invisalign dentist will usually recommend wearing these appliances for several weeks before your Invisalign braces.

Facebow Headgear:

These are wide “bows” that attach to your traditional metal bracket braces and are used to move your upper molars back in your mouth to create room for crowded teeth. Headgear is usually only worn at night, where pressure from the headstrap eventually creates backward movement in the upper teeth set.

Are Your Teeth Really That Crowded?

Oftentimes, patients with crowded teeth don’t require special tools to correct crowded teeth. Invisalign braces are well-suited to correct most mild to moderate crowded teeth symptoms; gradual pressure applied through a series of personalized aligner trays will eventually help even out and straighten crowded teeth without the need for tools such as palatal expanders or headgear.

Pulling teeth is rarely necessary, and NYC Invisalign dentists will do whatever is possible to avoid removing teeth before orthodontry.

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