How To Take Care After Tooth Extraction Surgery?


Proper care after tooth extraction is vital to avoid any complications during the healing stage. If proper care is not taken throughout the healing stage, the socket could become infected. In less severe cases irritation and bleeding can occur.

How to take proper care after tooth extraction?

Care after tooth extraction surgery is most important for the first 48 hours. Follow the pointers below to ensure proper healing of the tooth:

Control Bleeding: First and foremost, you must prevent excessive bleeding by promoting the formation of a blood clot. To reduce the bleeding, you should put pressure gently on the area, by biting down on the gauze. When the gauze is saturated, change it for a new piece of gauze.

Brushing. Good oral hygiene is important for the healing process. Immediately after the extraction, avoid brushing the teeth next to the extraction area. Resume normal brushing and flossing from the next day, but be careful and gentle until the extraction wound is fully healed.

Rest: Try to take some rest. You may feel great but don’t exercise at least for a day to take proper care after tooth extraction. When taking rest, keep your head lifted on a pillow.

Don’t Smoke: DO NOT smoke while the socket is healing. Smoking could lead to a condition called dry socket, which can be extremely painful.

Eat Wisely: For the first 2-4 days (or days your teeth are still sore) eat soft foods.  Ice cream, soup, potatoes, pudding, yogurt, mashed veggies, milkshakes, and smoothies. No hard or sticky foods to make your gums sore! You NEED to make sure you stay healthy to take proper care after tooth extraction. Take some great 24 essential vitamins to drink to make sure you’re staying healthy!

Use Ice-packs to reduce pain: You can also decrease pain and swelling by applying an ice pack 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off – for the first six hours following the extraction.

Take Proper Medication: To control discomfort, take pain medication as recommended by your doctor to take care after tooth extraction in New York. If antibiotics are prescribed, continue to take them for the indicated length of time, even if all symptoms and signs of infection are gone to ensure proper care after tooth extraction.

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