What to Do After Dental Implants Surgery

Take it easy after dental implants surgery.
Take it easy after dental implants surgery.

Recovery After Dental Implants Surgery

Taking the right measures after dental implants surgery will ensure a successful recovery. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take a look a this list we’ve put together for important care after dental implants surgery, and you will certainly be on your way to getting that perfect smile you deserve.
Dental implants require two procedures. During the first procedure your doctor will prepare the jawbone for the implant by placing an artificial tooth root into the bone. After the bone has healed around the root, your doctor will screw the artificial tooth into place. The healing process between these two procedures is essential for a successful implant.

Important Care After Dental Implants Surgery

1. Don’t Rush It. Allow time for recovery after dental implants surgery. Recovery time varies from patient to patient but in general, practitioners allow six months for healing between the first and second procedure.
2. Brrrr! For the first 24 to 48 hours after dental implants surgery, apply an ice pack to your face. It might feel cold but the ice pack will help reduce swelling and bruising.
3. Be a Couch Potato! Take it easy for 48 to 72 hours after dental implants surgery. Slip into your favorite pajamas and curl up in front of the TV because it’s definitely time for some rest and relaxation. Make sure to keep your head elevated while you catch up on your favorite shows.
4. Eat Something Already! It’s okay to eat after dental implants surgery. When you are hungry, start with clear liquids like broths or soups then move on to soft foods and slowly work you way up to regular food. This is the time to eat as much ice cream as your heart desires.
5. Say Yes to H20! It is important to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated after dental implants surgery, but do not drink liquid through a straw. This creates suction and may cause tension on your stitches, which can interfere with healing.
6. Ditch the Butts! Do not smoke after dental implants surgery. Smoking, like drinking through a straw, causes suction and can rip out your stitches.
7. Get on the Wagon. Do not drink alcohol for one week after dental implants surgery. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or analgesics to decrease the risk of infection and to manage your pain. Mixing these drugs with alcohol can be harmful.
8. Tea Remedy. After dental implants surgery, if you have excessive bleeding, bite down on a wet tea bag for about 30 minutes. The tannic acid should help stop the bleeding. If the bleeding persists, call your doctor immediately.
9. Obviously! After dental implants surgery, be sure to take your medications as prescribed.
10. Permission Required. It may take up to six months after dental implants surgery for your jawbone to heal. Do not wear your implant until your doctor has adjusted it and given permission.

If need more information about dental implants or recovery after dental implants surgery, check out our Dental Resource & Advice Center.

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